ACE Curriclum Warning

by Terry
(Western Australia)

Visitor ACE Curriculum Review: As a psychologist who works in the education sector I think I can comment a little on the pitfalls of using the ACE curriculum.

Firstly there is a fair amount of research that shows ACE doesn't stack up when students achievements are measured against more traditional education. Don't take my word for it - go look it up, it's not hard to find.

Secondly only certain types of learners will benefit from ACE. Children who have learning difficulties and need more hands on and multi-sensory approaches will not benefit.

Thirdly, the ACE curriculum does not foster a sense of critical thinking within the student themselves. It is about rote learning and this is very different from the mainstream.

So consider this program very carefully. I would not recommend this program for many children. Even those it might be suitable would probably benefit more from a more introspective and critical thinking curriculum.

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Comments for ACE Curriclum Warning

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by: Anonymous

ACE is a great building block. No curriculum is complete. The subjects are just a few of what a child should be learning, but this is true of any curriculum used.( To blame a curriculum on someone's failure to flourish seems a bit of a stretch. I went to public school and also am not Harvard material, but many of my peers attended Ivy leagues.) This curriculum lets my children learn the basics and I have time to prepare for all the extra curriculars we love to do. My children love the work and loving their work inspires them to keep doing more and eager to learn. In my opinion, this is a nice orderly way to teach the basics.

I disagree
by: Anonymous

I agree 100% with Sarah's comment. She said it perfectly. I love the ACE program. I was also taught through the ACE program when I was in school. I've tried MANY other curriculums, and the ACE is the best for my children. They can excel, and they can also pace themselves in a subject that they have trouble with..

by: Anonymous

I used this curriculum from 7th grade to graduation. I witnessed, first-hand, this program work where others had failed. The children in my private school, regardless of age, had no difficulty completing these books, nor were they "bored." The Kindergarten classes (K3-K5) absolutely flourished. They learned to work independently as well as with support. Any curriculum needs to be paired with activities at any age level to be engaging for the child. To describe this curriculum as poor would be a misleading statement. There are plenty of expensive programs out there that have no engaging activities within their pages. This is something the school or home school needs to provide.

by: Anonymous

I agree with you that ACE is a very substandard curriculum. It encourages no critical thinking, and when a child gets stuck on a concept they cannot understand, the entire program breaks down because at that point they need a teacher. ACE purports to not need teachers, only "supervisors." Whatever you call it, you will still have to instruct your child, and find some way to get them to think apart from simply filling in a blank.

by: Anonymous

My children did so well with this, when they attended the public school they were both moved up a grade. They are both in advanced classes. The only concern I have is the math. It is way behind the times and I don't recommend it.

by: Anonymous

I strongly disagree. My son did ACE and was a slow learner. He started college in grade 10. The organizational skills have helped him do very well in college.

by: Anonymous

Having been homeschooled through ACE from grade 1 - 12, I would have to agree... I would not EVER recommend it to anyone. I was an intelligent child and because of ACE I never had the chance to flourish. I was poorly prepared for University, and so had to drop out.

My Perspective
by: Sarah

From using the ACE from 1st to 12th grade I would have to disagree with you. This program is great for children, especially ones with learning disabilities because it allows you to move at your own pace. There are lots of hands on activities that you can do with the PACES as well. It's an individualized program and can easily mold to how your child learns. It teaches great Biblical character all throughout. Students have actually been tested at a higher achievement level. If the curriculum is used properly, your student will excel in academics.

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