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Is your homeschool considering an Apologia science curriculum? Many parents are fans of this curriculum for high school science or for multiple grades of younger children.

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Apologia Science Has Changed the Way We Homeschool 

We began using Zoology last year and started with Flying Creatures of [Read more...]

Apologia Science-Is it for you? 

We've found this to be an excellent program. It is a rigorous course compared to other curriculum [Read more...]

Apologia Science Has Changed the Way We Homeschool by Lauren Mirecki
(Ontario, Canada)

We began using Zoology last year and started with Flying Creatures of the 5th day. We studied everything from birds to insects to the flying dinosaurs.

All 3 of my children (2,4 and 6) have LOVED the time we sit down to read together, as well as exploring further into some of the suggested activities and readings. Science has quite literally come alive for us!

We coupled our studies on Land Animals of the 6th day this year with our zoo membership and have been enjoying taking what we learn in each chapter and going to see those EXACT animals to see it lived out.

It approaches scientific subjects from a CREATION perspective, with awesome references to creation confirmations - there's no room for doubt when you learn about some of the awesome creatures God has made, and then see them up close! We thank them for instilling in us a love of science and God's creations - even the creepy crawly variety :0)

Excellent Science Curriculum by: Shellina

We have used General, Physical, Biology and Chemistry. I have to admit as a Christian homeschooling Mother, other than Bible, this is my favorite subject. I truly love that it is academically challenging, yet engaging and filled with a worldview that does not ignore God nor science. I feel so blessed someone shared this product with my family and it has been so rewarding! Great prices, quality products and a subject you don't mind reading and learning with your child.

Zoology 1,2,3 by: Colleen

We love the elementary books. They are very informative as well as exciting. My children ask to do their science instead of crying because they have to do it .

It is very simple to use and understand. We have tried many other things in the past and always come back to Apologia. This is BY FAR our favorite.

What a HUGE blessing!

Apologia Science-Is it for you? by Stacey P.

We've found it to be an excellent program. It is a rigorous course compared to other curriculums on the market. The text is detailed and thorough. I would consider Apologia to be a great choice for students who plan to go on to college for the hard sciences such as biology, nursing, Pre-med, etc.

With all of that being said, many students won't go on to hard sciences. If your child has difficulty with scientific subjects, dislikes it, & plans on a non scientific career path, then Apologia may not be for you. I would recommend having your child read a few pages, look through it & gauge their reaction. While this program is excellent, it's not for everyone.

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General Science and Biology Review by Hilda Manriquez
(Princeton, NC, USA)

Choosing Apologia has been one of our best decisions for our school.

The lessons are very well written and compiled. The experiments are 'do-able' and fun. We have enjoyed every aspect of this curriculum.

We waited until higher grades to introduce a 'formal' science curriculum... Choosing nature study, unitit study, and topical books and biographies the earlier years.

Even though my students had never used a 'real' science text book before, they very easily learned to use the Apologia textbooks.

The text is written in conversational tone, which is delightful to read and to the point. The pages are simple and clear, with no 'busy-ness' to distract the students eye along the margins.

And I, as the teacher (and not a science major!) have not been left wondering 'what is it they want you to do!' I have with other curriculum we have tried!

Several moms have used this before me and have shared planning sheets and we even made lab books to go along and they document each experiment.

I plan to use it for all the higher science in my homeschool.

My Homeschool Recommendation 

I recommend this curriculum because it's complete.

My oldest daughter is currently in medical school and my youngest son was accepted into the same school. When they are taken chemistry and biology in high school level, was basically the same class at university level. They liked so much and did so well in Apologia, that the university class was a review for them.

Botany, Anatomy and Physiology by Jayne (Timberlake, NC)

We used Apologia in a co-op last year for Botany. We're using it for Anatomy and Physiology this year, and now we're all considering doing the Astronomy once this is complete. It makes learning the science interesting and fun, while reinforcing that we live in a world created by God.

We Love Apologia Science by: Kelly Kerley
(Stanfield, NC)

I have used these tetbooks for my home school for several years. It is a wonderful Curriculum for all ages.

Last School year we used Zoology I, Flying Creatures of the 5th Day. My daughter really loved it. She hopes to become a Vet, she loves all animals.

I really recommend Apologia to parents.

My daughter loved that this book came with a journal, so she could draw the animals and insects we learned about.

Getting Excited About Science by: Sonya
(Littleton, CO)

This was my first year using Apologia. We are studying Day 5 of creation all the flying creatures. I really like this curriculum because not only does it follow a Charlotte Mason method of learning but everything is from a Christian view point. I can use 1 curriculum for all my kids 5,7,and 9yrs old.

This curriculum also makes the children excited by the subject we are studying because they learn a lot about it and do experiments to get them involved with the subject. People are amazed as the kids are telling what kind of bird they are seeing and why and all about them. I have been telling everyone who is even thinking about homeschooling or who are looking for curriculum to look at Apologia. I know 3 other families in my church who also are using it. I wish I knew about it sooner.

Elementary Apologia Science Review for Astronomy and Botany by Sandy

I've used the astronomy with my 2nd grader and am now using the botany with him as a 4th grader. We both really like (love) this series.

It keeps our attention by keeping it interesting, using great photos, and ties it all in with everyday examples. The author gives the right amount of info and then asks relevant questions to help retain the information. The experiments and activities and very helpful and instructional, no busy work at all.

I also use the journals and lap books (Journey Through Learning).

Exploring Creation: Thorough and Accurate by Karen Nelson
(United States)

I have used the Exploring Creation series for several years, and highly recommend it for those who want an in-depth, accurate, detailed, and exhaustive study of the various sciences.

The illustrations are top-notch, and the format of the chapters is easy to follow and allows for discussion between teacher/parent and student/child.

Apologia Exploring Creation

I must admit that I do NOT utilize any curriculum that has a faith-based angle. Spirituality is my family's responsibility, and there are too many discrepancies between theologies to comfortably accept everyone's personal viewpoint.

However, I chose the Exploring Creation series because of it's outstanding academic qualities - it simply blows away the other science curricula. Anything faith-related that imposes on my beliefs or preferred choice of words, is easily skipped over, as it is not integral to the teaching text.

The accompanying Notebooks/Workbooks are a tremendous bonus to the program as well, allowing students to make colorful, manipulative demonstrations of what they are learning. The textbooks also include multiple science experiments and easy, inexpensive demonstrations.

Each text completely covers a facet of the life sciences, chemistry, etc. which may be new for educators indoctrinated in the western public school method of a spiral return to the same topics year after year. Instead, Exploring Creation allows the reader to truly master one area before moving to another.

Overall, this series is ideal for the educator who wants a clear program of study that is anything but elementary!

(From a public school teacher, curriculum writer, and homeschool educator)

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