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Do not use K12

Do not use k12 at all, I am a 9th grader in k12 Colorado virtual academy, used 2014 to 2015. I do not like k12 at all, I could not contact the counselor

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Great curriculum overall

My son is finishing his second year with K12/GCA. I myself am an educator, so I know a lot about curriculum. Overall, we are very pleased with this program.

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Stay away from K-12!

Already feeling bad about your academics? Want to get better grades and avoid bullies? Avoid K-12! Let me start off by saying that I have been with K-12

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Must Try Curriculum

I am a homeschool mom of three children. I have been using ACE since 2012. My children were introduced to the curriculum in 2010, while at their private

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Cava is not homeschooling

I am the mother of an 8-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. Both my children have only attended CAVA since they started school. CAVA WAS good when I started

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Amazing Experience with The Potter's School

The Potter's School has given our family an unforgettable experience. It provides a wonderful rigorous home education with the social bonuses of live classes,

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We are currently on second grade. We started homeschooling in kindergarten. It has been amazing! The spectrum books are amazing and very easily detailed!

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Homeschooling with American High School

We have been using American High School just for their curriculum for the past 2 years for our 8th and 10th graders. They are an online school, but we

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SOS Saved Our Students

It is important to understand one's perspective when writing a review, so I will say I am a multi-grade level/multi-subject certified educator in several

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Was not for me

I went to a Christian school where ACE was used. I am a type of learner where I have to do it a few times to get it. I was called lazy and rebellious if

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Teaching Textbooks is #1 in my opinion.

I can't say enough about this math program. Makes learning fun and easy. Explains in great detail how to work a problem. If the student gets the answer

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Not So Great (From a Student)

I've been in K12 for almost a year now and I don't want to go back. The math is extremely way to hard for me. My mother does help me when when I need it

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Alpha Omega Academy's Excellent Consultant Service

One of the significant strengths of Alpha Omega Academy is the guidance and coaching our family receives through our educational consultant, LaCoe Edwards.

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Review of Home2Teach Writing Curriculum

Kingston, NY Grades 9 -12 Years used: (approx 2007) - 2009, (approx 2012) - present I used Home2Teach for my daughter first, around grade 10 or 11 through

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Positive Experience... Twice!

Our family has twice had a very positive experience in dealing with Alpha Omega Academy online. The first time, our child took an online algebra course,

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NorthStar Academy, A School of Excellence

Hi, I am a parent of two NorthStar Academy ( students; a full-time tenth grader and a fifth grader who is taking a single

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Andrea from Alabama

I am a homeschool mom of three children. I have been using ACE since 2012. My children were introduced to the curriculum in 2010, while at their private

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Spelling Power Not So Powerful- Spelling Power Review

Submitted By: Pamela Hall - Home school mom, educator, and founder of Literate For Life- Curriculum: Spelling Power Grades

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The Logic of English

My 11yo son has been struggling with phonics, handwriting, and spelling since the beginning. We thought at first he might be dyslexic, but no. We

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Dont use K12

after several months of trying to get my 9th grader enrolled after surgery we gave up. They do not care about the students muchless the curriculum. I submited

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