K 12 Virtual Academy

by Jessica
(King City, CA USA)

Visitor K 12 Virtual Academy Review: I have been using this home learning for one year now. It is my kids and I first experience in home schooling so we needed as much help as possible. There are pros and cons with the K12 system.


1). Structured lessons plans

2). @ end of each lesson your child will take an assessment and they must master generally 80% to move forward.

3). In the public or private school we have online classes for the kids generally for Language Arts and Math with a teacher.

4). The curriculum is challenging and each lessons has a lot of assignments that is placed there intentionally. If your child grasps the lesson plan you can skip those assignments.


1). I am not a fan of the art program. They try to incorporate artist and painting that my kids seemed bored with.

2). Each subject has a percentage of mastery and at the end of school year need to be over 80%. It does stress us out to get to that percentage plus.

3). K12 uses power speak for foreign language. It is a really great program but it is optional in elementary so sometimes we forget to log on :(

Overall K 12 has been a great tool for my kids. The public school is free and yes they do supply you with supplies. Just be prepared to still pay for misc items such as science projects.

Grades: Kindergarten and 3rd

Years: 1 year and going

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Kindergarten to first
by: Jenn

So can I ask how the kindergarten program was? I'm new to homeschooling and was going to attempt the first grade full-time program this next year with my daughter who is about to complete her first year of kindergarten in a brick and mortar school.

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