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K12 Curriculum Independently Probably Better by Sue
(Salzburg, Austria)

We started with K12 in July 2010. Daughter had been attending the best private school in Melbourne, Australia and was very bored with the repetitive curriculum. Did K12 independently of the Virtual Academy having been told the Academy gave no added value only unnecessary admin and busy work.

K12 Intermediate Art

My daughter studied:
Year 5 Science
Year 6 Language Arts
Year 7 History
Year 7 Art
Year 5 Music
Year 5 Maths

We had no trouble finishing the year in the required time, having done all of the work and scored 92-96% in each subject. I don't consider her to be gifted or particularly talented academically.

We never spent more than four hours a day on schoolwork. As we decided half way through the school year to move from Australia to Austria necessitating selling our home etc my daughter managed the second half of the year unsupervised.

History, Language Arts and Science all require A LOT of reading. Math at Year 5 level is very straightforward with a very clear textbook and not a lot of busy work.

There is nothing wrong with the K12 program if you have the sort of child who can focus and has great comprehension of written text as it is VERY text heavy.

My daughter had an auditory processing problem and had difficulty comprehending a teacher droning on and on. A child who is easily distracted would probably not do well with K12.

The minimal cost involved in purchasing the entire curriculum - around $1200 - was well worth the convenience of not having teachers interrupting the learning process.

We are starting the new year of K12 tomorrow with the addition of Middle School German and don't anticipate any issues this year either.

Second Year of K12 by Sue
(Salzburg, Austria)

Have completed our second year of K12 as independents. Deleted Earth Science half way through the year and just did the unit assessments. It was more thorough buying a Science textbook with companion workbook and went through that in parallel to K12. The k12 Earth Science curriculum is too wide - too many topics and not enough in depth information. Dropped Pre-Algebra as well half way through - a different topic every day, all over the place, no explanation of concepts. Substituted ICE-EM mathematics from Australia which is a little more sequenced and with far better explanation. As Australia rates much higher than the USA on PISA tests in Maths, I figured they might be doing something right. They don't split Math into separate pieces in High School either (which to a non-American has always seemed a little odd).
K12 Intermediate B History, Intermediate B Art and Grade 7 Language and Literature all great. Lots of reading and writing.

Can't do K12 Language and Literature next year as the subject 'Literary Analysis and Composition' is the same course for Grade 8 as for Grade 9 - it can't be done twice and there is no alternative but to then do Grade 10 in Year 9 etc and we don't feel like being constantly a year ahead then forced to do an AP subject in Grade 12.

Would recommend K12 for independents but because of lack of subject choices for 8th grade will try Keystone next year.

Don't Do It by Jennifer M
(California, USA)

Don't do it. I have been in the school for 2 years. It burns you out. I am warning you just don't. Its to hard. You need to have advanced vocabulary. I hate it!

I want to get out but I have no choice. Just don't unless you are willing to work extra hard than regular high school. I was a straight A student in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade but now I have all B's.

This school is to hard to understand the lessons. I am not a hater. Its just to hard. I feel like crying doing school. It is just too hard for me.

I am smart and I can't understand this stuff. When the end of the year comes I am leaving! No leisure time for me!

Jennifer M.
9th and 10th
2009-2010 and 2010-2011

Scary for Even An Advanced Student

Okay, so I am a gifted student. If you don't know what that is, let me kind of give you a definition: An honors student is typically someone who is very bright and takes everything extremely seriously.

A gifted student is extremely smart too, but when it comes to work done on time and/or grades, we really do not put in that much effort. Being gifted, I thought that this would be an fairly easy program. But, the thing is. They PERSONALIZE classes. Meaning that based on previous grades, school behavior, etc. , a learning coach will pick classes out specifically for YOU. So, inevitably, I got the hardest programs you could get for an 8th grader. It's SUPER ADVANCED.

Right now, I am super behind, scared of not graduating, and ready to just fast forward time, and just want to start freshman year already

Current 10th grade k12 student by Anonymous

I started k12 this year and everything was good at first til the teachers started putting out calenders and the work is hard takes forever. And a lot of classes start late and when they start you have to do all the work you didn't even know u had to do, and it starts all the way in aug and they make u start in sept. The teachers are bad repliers. Now I'm always tired and spending winterbreak catching up. LOVELY. I honestly hate it but can't get out of it... I was using it to catch up since i've been homeschooled 3yrs. I rather deal with the horrible world of public school than all this schoolwork day and night.

Unless You Are Einstein and Parents are Superman... by Anonymous

I agree with most the other comments. This is my first year in k12 as an eight grader. I joined due to having problems at my middle school :/ bullies and I just have always hated school so I always dreamed of being a homeschooler.

Unfortunately my dream didn't come true at all. First off my parents tried to get me in towards the end of the summer. They took forever to get me in!!! I was enrolled late. Because for some reason they lost my paperwork.

Now I am behind in the program and if you miss any days of school you have to make it up right away or your grade drops severely. There grading is not regular and to me and my parents sorta unprofessional and odd?? Too much work in one day.

It's just not what you think. You have to be so smart. What if your average and you want to grow with the program? You can't your rushed.

You have to teach yourself. You have to send work in the mail to your teacher once a month. You also have to print like 6 different papers a day for assignments. Print = a lot of money!!! Don't Do It! .

Don't Do It by Ryne

Don't do it! Public school as a little hard for me but I was able to pass with a lot of hard work.

This is my first year at k12 and I would not wish this on anybody. This work is crazy! And unless you are able to teach yourself very well then you will fail. I'm not stupid or dumb. I try hard.

Sometimes this stuff gets so overwhelming I break down. If I didn't have a cell phone I would have nobody because this school allows no free time. I just can't do it.


Jumping Through Hoops and Getting Nowhere With k12 by Beth

We are in Oklahoma and have seen the many ads about k12. We thought we would give them a try. After two sets of papers sent we are still at a stand still. Called them today just to get an earful about being able to get them the correct report cards and I had to hear about her parenting skills.

I am sick of the run around and am shocked to be told I was not telling the truth.


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Award-Winning Computer-Based Curriculum for Grades 3-12

No Good by Damian
(New York)

This is a program is no good to me, I am a student of this school. Teachers give you 30 minutes to do the quiz (you have a quiz every day)and if you have any Questions send them a K-mail they do not reply to that message till 1 or 2 hours later. Then the distracting point of having the choice of doing your work or search the entire web. Now you might think just turn on restrictions when you do you can't do your work. The work is radicalness, teachers are no help, and to many distracting things to do that are a lot funnier to do then school work. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM IT BLOWS! 0 out of 5

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