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Math U See Saved Us When No Others Worked

My kids have struggled with math ever since we started homeschooling. We tried textbooks...[Read more...]

Math U See Did Not Work for Us

Hands-on Math sounded like a lot of fun to my kids. It was one of the biggest mistakes...[Read more...]

Math U See Saved Us When No Others Worked by Jennifer
(Hopkinsville, KY)

My kids have struggled with math ever since we started homeschooling.

We tried textbooks, worksheets, and other mathematics programs but none was working. A friend told me to give MathUSee a try. My kids were instantly hooked! They loved it.

In fact, we are now entering year 3 using Math U See and so far so good. My children are retaining what they are learning, and it is a great fit for our family.

I will say that it works on a mastery level so if you intend on putting your child back into public school then you will not want to use this program. Each level works primarily on an area of mathematics. Gamma, for instance, is multiplication, Delta is division, Epsilon is fractions, Zeta is decimals. Once you have reached the Pre Algebra stage, you have covered all the basic facts and you will be fine.

There are three practice sheets and three review sheets so there is plenty of study time and learning time.

Hopkinsville, KY
Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Pre Algebra
3 years using this program.


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Short-Term Fun, Long-term Benefits by Karen Nelson 
(Missouri, USA)

As a public school teacher, and now education materials writer, I've never been happy with a Math curriculum to date. When we made the decision to homeschool our children I was determined to find a program that would take them to adulthood with real-world skills.


We have used Math-U-See for more than five years (Pre-K to 5th/age 5-12). Starting out, it was lots of fun for both the kids and me, and really expanded our way of thinking about numbers. The curriculum has practical application while allowing children to explore the concepts in a proven, hands-on method.

At times it can be repetitive (which is the parent/teacher's signal to get creative), but the foundations learned with this curriculum really stick with the student (as opposed to rote memorization and blind copying of operations).

The greatest difficulty of the series is for the adult - we have to set aside our own learned behaviors where mathematics is concerned, and accept that there are many ways to reach a solution. We also have to take the long view, keeping in mind that solid understanding is of more importance than short-term "mimic" abilities.

Math-U-See is ideal for the learner who wants to get to the "why" of computation, see math all around us, and enjoy it as an intriguing puzzle to be solved.

Math U See Did Not Work for Us by Carol
(United States)

I heard so many great reviews from the parents in our homeschool group and decided to try it. Hands-on Math sounded like a lot of fun to my kids.

It was one of the biggest mistakes in homeschooling so far.

Our kids did not enjoy it AT ALL. They hated watching the video and dreaded doing their math. The blocks do not make sense to them.

We have gone back to the good old fashioned math that is less hands-on.

Same Problem as Previous Reviewer

My 2nd grade ADHD, SPD son is having the same experience with Math-U-See. Can't follow the videos,(even when I pause and explain) doesn't get the manipulatives at all, and really stresses everyday about math lessons.

I am new to homeschooling, took him out at Christmas when I realized he wasn't learning to his full potential in the special ed classes in public school.

One day he gets it fine, other days he has no idea. Very distractable and hard to keep on task. Not sure how to reach through the wall. Very worried about multiplication and division since he still has not memorized adding numbers 1 - 20.

We are currently stuck at adding multiple numbers, adding more than 2 digit numbers with carrying, and subtraction with borrowing. Money sometimes throws him off with the decimal, but he's getting it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Update on our progress :  We found another curriculum that works for us: Math Mammoth.

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